Rick Young Biography

Rick Young has been studying martial arts since 1975. Beginning his training under Shaun Shanley, Rick then began to study Wado Ryu Karate under sensei Hamish Adam, along with boxing and grappling. In 1979, when he was seventeen, Rick first met and became a student of the legendry Dan Inosanto. In 1984 Rick travelled to Los Angeles California to train with Guro Inosanto and other prominent martial artists. Since then Rick has travelled to the Inosanto academy at least once but usually twice a year.

In 1995 ( the certificates were backdated to 1993) Rick was awarded his Full instructorship by Sifu Inosanto in Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan Gung Fu and The Filipino martial arts. This made him the first person outside of the USA to be given this honour.

Some of the countries Rick has trained and taught at include Australia, USA, Brazil, Japan, India, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, France and all over the United Kingdom. He has been featured in numerous martial arts publications including Martial arts illustrated, Combat, Grappling, Fighters and Fighting arts international. Rick trains and teaches in Edinburgh Scotland. 

Rick's credentials include;

  • Full instructor in Jun fan Gung Fu/ Jeet Kune Do under Sifu Dan Inosanto
  • Full instructor in the Filipino martial arts under Magulang Guro/ Tuhon Dan Inosanto
  • Level IV instructor in the Majapahit martial arts under Magulang Guro/ Tuhon Dan Inosanto
  • Lifetime achievement award from the Inosanto Academy
  • Senior instructor in Jeet Kune Do/ Jun Fan grappling under Sifu Larry Hartsell
  • Full instructor in Progressive fighting systems under Sifu paul Vunak
  • Full instructor Jeet Kune Do/ Kali under Sifu Rick Faye
  • Full instructor Combat Submission Wrestling under Sensei Erik Paulson
  • British, European cup, 3x Pan American and 3x Masters and Seniors champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • 2009 IBJJF No - Gi world championships Silver medal and bronze medal Black belt Master 3 division
  • 2015 IBJJF No - Gi world championship Gold medal Black belt master 5 division
  • 2016 IBJJF World Masters silver medal Black belt Master 5 division
  • 2018 IBJJF World Masters Gold medal Black belt Master 6 division
  • 2020 IBJJF European championships Gold medal Black Belt Master 6 Division
  • Awarded Brazilian Jiu - jitsu black belt by Mestre Mauricio Gomes on October 1st 2005
  • 4th Degree Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu - jitsu
  • Black belt in Judo
  • Senior instructor British combat association
  • 2nd Dan black belt Karate